Hybrid transportation

Ok, the planet is heading for a bit of a mess in the next 10-15yrs. Everybody is doing there level best to try and reduce consumption of fossil fuels, slowly but surely it will happen, but it may be too late.

Well, what can I do ? Recycle. Yes. Turn off lights. Yes. Use energy efficient appliances and lights. Yes. Modify your car to run HHO Gas with regular gasoline. Uh. Maybe ?

Sitting in traffic driving to and from work, I feel a little helpless. Me and all the people around me 3 lanes wide cruising to work at 40mph are adding to the problem.

Lately I’ve heard a bit about bio-diesel conversions, electro-gas hybrids and also running your existing car on water. More precisely, extracting Hydroxy gas (hydrogen+oxygen ‘HHO’) from water via electrolysis and pumping it into your injector lines on your gasoline powered vehicle. Thereby supposedly using less actual gasoline as the hydrogen is also combusted.

Now I’d love to have a crack at that. It’s something everybody can do at a grass roots level to help use less gasoline, hopefully making you feel a little less helpless on the 7:30am crawl to work. ‘I’m doing something to help the cause.’

There are a couple of kits floating around the internet, and even research being done by a private company for the US government. Some people think its a scam, my opinion is that people only think its a scam because there is work involved.

You have to install the kit, experiment, troubleshoot and take the time and money to make it happen. That’s great if you have the time and resources (a second car and a well outfitted garage should do just fine.) but for the average joe, its too much work to save the environment.

Eventually there may be people who will offer this as a conversion service at local garages, just like bio-diesel conversions now. But potentially this is larger; think of the proportion of gas vehicles verses diesel. Thats where we come in, we are the ginue pigs, the people who are willing to try the kits and ideas, to test them and see how effective they will be in the real world.

I have no idea how this would effect the economics of gas production, but logically it should make it cheaper because of reduced demand.

Just one more way that we can reduce our dependency on oil, one of the hundreds of ways, no single technique is going to save the planet, no single wonder-technology.

Look out. Financially and girlfriend permitting, there may be a 3rd car parked outside my house, say a $500 Geo Metro with a water reservoir under the hood. That should offset the autocrossing 🙂

The revolution will not use much gas.

2 thoughts on “Hybrid transportation

  1. probably much less that buying a prius – so think about it, you’d be saving money!
    Speaking of which, would you like to rent a prius for the long weekend?

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