2008 AZ road trip.

I just got back from a 4 day road trip around Northern AZ. Heres the rough route me and Megan took.

We skipped 4 corners … it wasn’t really at the top of our list having experienced the horrors of Tuba City and its ‘lovely’ Navajo population of dog abusers. Needless to say the silly white folks where shocked to see tens of dogs running around the burger king un-fixed and tagless; and came close to bringing one home.

Anyway. Monument Valley is AWESOME; probably the favorite day of the trip for me, despite the hordes of french tourists.

Bluff Utah; Small, good food. End of log. Alright, we only spent a night there, but it is pretty small. We rented a Prius for the whole trip. The first time I’d even been in one, let alone driven one. I was fairly impressed by its interior, comfort and cargo space. Blown away by its constant 45mpg. 1100 miles on $70 of gas. Cannot be sniffed at!

We where only able to rent a Prius though as my parents paid for the rental as part of my birthday present. ( And my sister gets 50% discount, thankyou all ! )

Otherwise it would have been $63 a day. Enterprise rent-a-car ZEIG HEIL! classes the prius even alone from other ‘luxury’ cars. Apparently even saving the environment is considered elitest and worthy of milking for every dollar. Come on Toyota, Honda, GM .. everybody ! make hybrids more prolific!

Trip photos soon.

I am a citizen of Earth. Pleased to meet you.


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