A report from the front line of stupid.

I’m sure you’ve all seen one of these bumper-stickers. Yesterday I encountered a person that I am sure is the dumbest bipedal life form on earth. Suffice to say they did not grasp the meaning of the statement ‘Coexist’; ‘Can you re-create this sticker … but make the star of david bigger ?’ Apparently thats the one they ‘care about’.

I was not a direct party in this conversation, so I was free to choose; I walked out of the building. I could not spend a second longer in the presence of such gigantic stupidity.

I cry a little every night knowing that there are people in the world so uninformed, so unimaginative and nieve. What a sensless waste of human life. Who could imagine that quite possibly there could be people in high paying jobs, even some with power, that could possibly be as blinkered and unquestioning as this idiot ?

It hurts that I can’t tell this person how little they understand the world, and exactly how little of it they have even seen. I have to swallow my, I want to say pride but I think the more apt description is swallowing my common-sense, in order to make a buck. (who doesn’t ?)

If you are ever on the front line of the battle of stupidity, stand up to it if you can, but at least walk away with some dignity and tell somebody about how this world is getting dumber and dumber.

Relax Dave, its just a stupid sticker.


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