The reluctant environmentalist.

Here we are again, its time for me to preach to the masses (or the 2 other people that read this blog) and say we should all be doing more to recycle, use less gas and reduce our carbon footprint any way we can. One way we can all help is when buying a new car (new to you or brand new if you’re that nuts.) get something that at least attempts to be fuel efficient.

If you even slightly care about your impact on the environment and our dependance on a finite fuel source then that might be a point you’d consider. And like me you might cringe and see right through attempts like this to try and sell you the same old unefficient vehicles. Heres an explanation on how Chrysler’s $2.99/gal for 3 yrs doesn’t even make financial sense, let alone environmental sense.

 I like to think we are all forward thinking people and even if we can’t afford to buy a prius or a set of solar cells for our house we are at least thinking about it, 5-10yrs down the line when, in my opinion alot of the western world is going to be a very different place when it comes to energy. There are already kits to convert your prius into a plug-in hybrid, cottage industries developing plug-in do it yourself kits and there are things like the automotive X-prize.

I want to believe we are all reluctant environmentalists and we can all see past bullshit like ‘lets refuel america’ and make the smarter choice. Lets invest our money in more innovative technologies which will contribute to our future energy indepenance and environmental quality. Rather than continuing to fill the pockets of oil moguls and blindly believing saving ourselves money is better than doing whats right for our futre.

Even if we can’t afford it, aspire to it. A good thought is the first part of a good deed.


One thought on “The reluctant environmentalist.

  1. Hey,
    nice rant 😀

    It’s cool you’re seeing attitudes changing over there, where it might be said the oil industry has its most vice like grip. I’d go even further than what you said, and question the way our cities are being developed full stop. Cars cause more than just atmospheric pollution: People are finding it harder to get about, so obesity is on the rise (Lyndsey’s taking nutrition now at uni, so is learning a lot about lack of exercise and obesity), there’s also a lot of people dying and being seriously injured in car-accidents… :/ Anyway, hopefully our cities will become car-free one day, and thus way more pleasant 😀 (See Amsterdam)

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