‘Reality’ Television

Ok, well we were all warned about the lack of good ‘fiction’ TV shows that would be premiering or continuing this summer after the writers strike. We where warned that the void which their production left would be filled by an insipid torrent of ‘reality’ television. Well, we got it all right.

Shows like: I survived a Japanese Gameshow, Supernanny, Wifeswap, Baby Sitters, The Bachelorette, Dancing with the Stars, America’s Got Talent, and the latest show to grace the pooper scooper; Greatest American Dog.

These shows have to stop, this is not reality.

I watched the premiere episode of Greatest American Dog because I am a dog person, or rather my 4 dogs are human dogs, anyway. We (me and my fiancee) love them and thought the show deserved a watch as we know how entertaining dogs are. That was a mistake, to pin our hopes of receiving something entertaining or interesting on the producers of a ‘reality’ show.

While the dogs where very entertaining, the show itself and most of the human participants failed to deliver. Reality shows offer nothing new in terms of originality, they are rediculously formulaic in thier execution; the attempts to build tension, the childish drama that is engineerd from the start; you realize very early in most of these shows, some of the ‘contestants’ have been picked simply as a spectacle, and all but a select few have been picked to be puppets of the producers.

I have no idea how the show got approved for the title of Greatest American Dog, when it includes dogs whos main talent is prancing around in a tutu thier owner made. A couple of these dogs where deserving of entering the competition, one of whom saved a diabetic womans life. Where are the Bomb sniffing dogs ? the Ex-police dogs ? the border patrol dogs, the dogs that came here from war torn countries, or off the street as strays and have been trained and rehabilitated ?

The media and entertainment industries in this country display a concerted effort to shape ones reality, these shows attempt to hide under the statement that they are just holding a mirror up to society and all the people in it.

Well, rather than perpetuating behaviour, such as allowing a show to exist with the words ‘Greatest American’ in the title and then fill it with decidedly ungreat examples of Americans human and canine, hows about we regulate a little tighter, this show should have been called; ‘Come look at the dogs/owners we picked because we thought it’d be funny’

You make your own ‘Reality’ and by producing these shows the only reality that gets perpetuated is one that is childish, noneducational, irresponsible and most of all uninspiring.

There are probably some reality shows out there that are both entertaining and mind-expanding, but I’m not watching them on ABC, CBS or any other network. Browsing youtube  will yield a wider swath of humanity that is entertaining and educational, be your own filter.

If you would l ike to see some actual reality television, about the REAL world check out http://www.journeyman.tv/


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