A movie worth writing about.

I warned you I’d write about movies occasionally. Well, this is a movie worth writing about: The Dark Knight. It is the latest in the tide of comic book inspired adaptions, and the second from Chris Nolan who is bringing a nice dark tint to an already dark set of characters and ideas.

This movie is one of the best of its kind I’ve seen in a while. It is tough, hand over the mouth intensity that keeps delivering. It is also unbelievably depressing; a cerebral blockbuster that gets into your head and won’t let go. It touches on terror, morality, conspiricy and even ‘big brother’.

It is depressing not only with its content of unbrideld, uncontrollable un-apologetic terrorism, which is common in most comic-book movies, delivered by Heath Ledger’s Joker, but also depressing knowing that the brilliant performance you are seeing is his last.

And it is a brilliant performance, aided by fantastic fear building sound and cinematography Ledger brought such full bodied intensity to the Joker’s socipathic character, playing god in the face of all Gotham.

See this movie and look past all its comic book imagery and certain unnecessary CG effects and re-think how you think about the world around you today. Why you aren’t shocked about certain things because ‘its all part of the plan’ and how our world can easily be set on its head with little effort in some situations.  And also how the heros of today are shunned or thanked depending on our fickle uneducated or unexperienced feelings.

Just my opinion, but this movie made me think, it resonates with the world of today and transports its message with style and force. See this film, you won’t be dissapointed.

Most of what I say about this movie ‘doesn’t amount to a hill o’ beans’ because I have not been a long term Batman fan, I don’t know the history behind all of the movies characters or imagery. And also, I’m not that good at reviewing movies. Maybe if I buy this when it comes out I’ll have more to say.

Theres also an interesting CGSoc. article out there that talks about all the effects shots for the film, 80% of which you won’t even notice and 20% of which you’ll probably have to try and ignore. (yes Harvy Dent’s face… which interestingly isn’t discussed.) Read it here.


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