Biting the bullet.

2000 Subaru Impreza RS 2.5

So. The time has come. This will be my next car. I feel very very strange, it is a move sideways in terms of fuel efficiency, but a giant leap forward in handling, power and speed.

I am keeping my old Impreza L AWD also with aspirations of eventually converting it to an electric car. Electric cars, mostly home conversions (consumer cars are a long way off yet) are gaining a bit of momentum. Check this out. And if you think an electric Impreza is nuts, look at this.

That ought to put a stop to anybody telling you electric cars are slow. Range and weight are another topic entirely though. Due to current battery technology, weight is the biggest problem being faced by EV builders. Give it time.

You can hurl the rotten eggs, cabbage and kitten feces at me now. I know I espouse a responsible and economical lifestyle; a rally car inspired sedan doesn’t exactly fit that. But it doesn’t get worse gas mileage than my current car either, so that makes me at least a bit happy on that front.

Edit: 9-6-08

Uh… I can’t actually afford to buy the new car at the moment. I’m attempting to buy a house, and thats turned into a hissing medusa of loan problems and builder subterfuge. 😦 I think it would be unwise of me to try 2 large purchases at once. We’ll see.


2 thoughts on “Biting the bullet.

  1. About the electric car stuff where you said “consumer cars are a long way off yet”, but they’ve been around for 12 years (or they would have been had something very weird not happened wrt car manufacturers/oil companies/etc):

    1996 EV1 was released:
    2001 GM Sued California using the point that there’s a federal law barring states from regulating fuel economy…
    2003 GM cancelled programme and forced lease holders to return cars. Promptly shredded them.

    All a load of weirdness.
    (Watch “who killed the electric car” for more stuff about it)

  2. Agreed, the oil companies in this country suppress new ideas. The chevy volt is the latest; too high a price and too late. Better late than never though.

    Yeah, the EV1 was when it should have started, but I’m pretty sure somebody had GM by the balls and made them lease the damn things then near enough destroy all of them.
    That and it was ‘unprofitable’ and the battery technology back then wasn’t up to par, but leasing them ? 😦 anyway, I do need to see that.

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