Solar Computing.

For the last couple of weeks I’ve been building my own solar battery charger. All it needs now is a solar panel. Its a wooden box containing a 75ah 12volt battery and a 70watt inverter, which is enough to charge my laptop with its 65watt charger. If I splurge and buy a 400watt inverter I could probably power our television for about 3-4 hours.

The box also contains a solar float charger from Brunton Solar, it can handle up to 7amps and 100watts of solar power. It will, when its hooked up to a panel finally, keep the battery charged at a healthy 12.5v

I’ve used it to charge my cell phone and laptop twice, and so far the voltage hasn’t dropped below 12.5, so no need to charge it yet.

The total cost will be around $300, the battery was $56 and the charger was $29, most of the money has gone into the box and wiring. The panel will be $150 for a 25w 1.5amp and will probably get mounted on the shed in my back yard.

This is what I’m doing because I can’t afford a grid tied solar system for my house … and this house probably isn’t worth it, and I also can’t afford to convert one of my cars to electric. You’re damn right I deserve to win the lottery. Change starts at home.


2 thoughts on “Solar Computing.

  1. Nice one πŸ™‚
    It’s interesting how different places need different solutions. A solar panel in Scotland is basically a joke. A wind turbine otoh*…

    I’ve so far reduced CO2 by:
    – cycling (rather than driving) (healthy!)
    – not flying
    – reduced meat diet (healthy too!)
    – energy saving lights

    My main problem now is space heating: We’re still renting, and the windows are leaky and crap, so we’re wasting loads of energy through them 😦 But that’s a bit out of my control… might move to somewhere more efficient though…

    *A wind turbine on the other hand is probably worth while. One thing to think about with wind turbines though is scale: If 1,000 people each spend Β£2,000 on a local generator, there won’t be as much electricity made as if they’ve combined to buy a few huge turbines πŸ™‚

  2. The Kyocera 20watt panel I ordered arrived yesterday, I rushed home and tested it, roughly 13.5v in the shade at about 5:40pm, the sun was just going down. 19.5v when we held it up into direct sunlight πŸ™‚
    They even have Solar panels in Oregon, and that I would venture a theory is just as wet/cloudy as Scotland most of the time.

    Me and Megan visited Oregon on our honeymoon. We visited the Bonneville Hydroelectric Dam; I was thouroughly impressed with a tour of the power house. Pics soon !!

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