Electric Vehicle frustration.

And, now I need a new jack. The 2 ton floor jack I bought a while back worked fine for replacing the struts on the Scoob, even though it leaked slightly then, and had to be aided by blocks of wood to get high enough clearance.

Now it leaks buckets and I’m quite frankly scared to jack anything up with it; last night I wanted to get a better look at the sub-frame, engine/transmission to see if I could get a better idea of where everything sits for EV conversion. (quickly realizing I need to take the first big step which is removing the engine, to get a clear idea about anything really…)

I’ll probably not clear the first hurdle though as theres no way I can afford to buy all the components for a conversion at the moment or even in the near future, especially if I wanted lighter batteries. And I’m not willing to simply whip out the motor buy a few things and have it sit there for 6 months, not yet anyway. Maybe I’m being a little unrealistic.

I don’t even have a garage 😦 the subaru is a repository for all the junk (car and otherwise related) that would usually be stacked high in ones garage. Anyway, its probably about time for some gratuitous photos of the monsterous 1.8L 🙂


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