I need more pwr capi-tan !!!

Been running my laptop from the battery box and using it to power my self-phone charger, glue gun and work light 🙂 (7pm fencing projects ftw)

Its a pretty reliable source of power albeit bastard heavy, and I could probably run it a bit harder than I am; haven’t taken it below 12 DOD (degree of discharge) although its been down to 11.5 under load.

But, I’m quickly learning that 20watts of power and 1.2 amps of current peak from the solar panel is not really fast enough, especially for charging the last 10% of a battery, its just not cutting it. It can take pretty much all weekend for it to replenish 1v capacity.

The charger has a max input of 7amps, so there is room for improvement. If I can stump up the cash, I should get 2 more panels for a whopping 60watt and 3.6amps, that should kick the battery into shape quick time. We’ll see.

I still need to build a mount for panels, and some sort of angling system wouldn’t be out of the question; the sun moves, my shed doesn’t.

Solar tracking can be implemented by a lot of sensors and servos, I’d probably implement a simpler approach. 1 motor on some sort of timing device that elevates the whole rack towards the sun at the appropriate time, which right now seems to be about 3-5pm ?

Theres probably a resource I can look up that should give me a better insight into solar tracking from my location… the hunt begins.

The hunt is also back on for rallyx sites in the area…… cue twighlight zone music.

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