I can’t bring myself to say ‘At least its not an Escalade’

The 2009 Cadillac Escalade Hybrid. Yeah, we all knew it was coming. Another slightly laughable GM ‘Hybrid’ Granted its had its fuel economy boosted 8mpg from 12 to 20 in the city.
And you guys had to ADD a hybrid drive to do that ? really ? not weight reduction ? or composite materials ? you added an extra 400lbs ?
And the 4WD version starts at only $74,000 I’ll be right back with my check book. I must reward this stunning innovation.

Put bluntly I don’t think that the 09 Escalade should be called a hybrid at all.
This is a hybrid SUV. And I’m a little outraged that GM is allowed to blunder along producing the same old crap, “look ma, big shiney wheels!” while these guys have to fight to get thier vehicle out.

My biggest problem with the new Escalade is guilt, or the lack there of that it attempts to present to its target market. “You don’t have to downsize and you can get 20mpg!”
My question about it is also driving style, are any of the buyers of this thing actually going to attempt to aim for highest mpg ? It has monitoring, but people who want 22″s probably won’t pay attention to it.

I’m feeling guilty over wanting to buy an Impreza WRX (22/26mpg), or someting without a turbo that has a little less power (plenty for me) and more fuel economy. Granted it doesnt have the 6600lb towing capacity the escalade has. Wait, I don’t have anything thats 6600lb’s I’d want to tow … who does ? like on a daily basis … wait wouldn’t you just buy a truck ?

I just can’t bring myself to buy a slightly, yes even slightly less efficient car. One whos trim isn’t coming apart, has a stereo that will play CDs made after 1999, a bit more power and a manual transmission only to get into it and say ‘At least its not an Escalade’. I’d think myself on par in some respects with those people considering an Escalade ‘hybrid’; In the face of Peak oil and Energy Independance.

I just can’t escape the fact that a car is a pretty selfish purchase. Even if I’m holding out for a wagon … for the dawgs 😀

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