So, alot has changed.

Merry Christmas and a Happy new year to all.

I had a good time this holiday, fun and educational.
I took delivery of a 2002 Impreza WRX wagon late December. Turbos are fun, on the occasion I have had to use it to pass or get on the freeway in a hurry, otherwise I keep it out of boost and I’ve managed to get 25.6 and 26.6mpg on my last 2 commuting/general use tanks of gas.

I’ve been gleaning all information I can get my hands on about Ethanol and E85. Pretty interesting, in the next 6 months or so I am considering a conversion if I can get my head around all the parts I need, neccessary and less neccessary. (ECU piggyback, new spark plugs, new fuel pump ? I don’t know.) Also, I need to know if Cellulosic Ethanol is really going to take off domestically.

My interest in electric cars has not wained though, despite selling my other older subaru; I know I can probably find something better to convert in the next 2 years. I need to save money.
I attended a local electric car meeting and was stunned at the turn out, there are alot of people locally who own EVs ! I also got to see my first EV, a late 90’s chevy S10, with Li-Ion batteries to boot. It was a really clean conversion.

I also learned a bit about solar trackers in the last month. I learned I need one. With less sunlight available in the winter months, due to cloud cover and a bit of rain, you need to make the most use of the sunny days you get (although its warming back up now) I am in the process of attempting to mount my solar panel to a home made tracker, haven’t figured out exactly where I’m going to get the mechanics and electronics to enable said tracking, but the frame and pivot I can get started right now. (wood and plastic are my friends; I need to learn to weld.)

Netflix RULES. I joined just last night and watched my first movie online (“Dan in real life” I highly recommend it, and I also watched another movie about a columnist at the theater, Marley and Me, that I recommend also, but bring a box of tissues if you own a dog!)
Sitting infront of my solar powered laptop watching movies for 9 bucks a month sounds good to me !


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