Excess Power (or, how I need to buy a bigger inverter)

I’m generating more energy than Im using with my 20watt solar panel. OK, that statement will sound a little odd, I mean I need to start powering more things with the battery I’m charging. Right now its just my laptop, cell phone and some AA Nimh’s for various things. (like my wifes electric toothbrush) I’m obviously still pulling grid power for everything else. 😉

I now have 2 batteries I can charge, which both still fit in the original box I built. The second is a car battery I got for free 🙂 (its also the same fitment code that fits my car! score.) So now I have 2 fully charged batteries and the need to only really use them every other day. Charging my laptop only brings the marine 75ah battery to about 96%SOC? (12.4v) so I could be using it for alot more. The car battery is probably about 40ah at best, but it could still help.

I plan to get a bigger inverter than the current 75watt (that is TINY) and get a 400watt. I hope to power the TV & DVD player by early February (approximately a 240watt load). I also plan to leave the box outside where it charges, with the inverter and run an extension cord inside. Batteries are heavy.

That poses a problem, I need to figure out how to run an extension cord inside without leaving the door open. (on a warm day thats not a problem, but on a cold night after 6pm you really want the door closed.)

Megan is not that keen on me drilling holes through our walls. Maybe I could rout it through some vent ducts somewhere ?

I will at this point also withdraw a previous post I made about needing more power to charge my batteries. Boy was I wrong, I didn’t need a second panel, all I needed was the upright mounting provided by the solar tracker I built. It doesnt even need to track the sun (which it still doesn’t at the moment), just the fact that the panel now faces the sun at a better angle generates so much more energy in a given time. (Duh!)

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