Your clutch can save you gas.

And make your foot hurt. (driving to work is a workout :))
I got my first oil change for the WRX, nothing special, regular oil. Haven’t done anything to it yet, still a stock air filter, which if its the only thing I do over the next month it needs to be changed up to a K&N.
I think I’m headed to my first 30mpg tank of gas, its sitting at 311 miles and still just under a quarter tank, I really want to know if
the oil change had a big impact, I got it changed at about 180 miles into this tank.

Just by coasting more in neutral, and shifting slightly early, I really think I’m saving quite a bit of gas, my last tank was 29, the tank before that was 26. The 29 was after a trip up and down Mt. Lemmon, which you can coast down about 5-6 miles, if you were used to not having power steering you could turn off your engine (not recommended ….)

That makes me think about the routes I’ve driven on my current tank of gas, I must have really hit all the lights right, hit the right grades and coasted the right points down the road; its hit and miss, I don’t know if I’ll get 30, and I don’t know if I’ll see it again.

But if just driving like this saves roughly 30%, then bring on the body/frame weight reduction and lighter wheels. Yeah right, got a spare $3,000 ? 😦
Anyway. Press the clutch or pop it in neutral once in a while, you’d be suprised. (ditch the automatic and learn standard :P)


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