Well ….

Theres nothing like a gas pump to bring you down a couple of notches. I got 26.9 mpg. After all my prophesizing a 30mpg tank 😦 lol.
Its proving hard to break the 26 average.

The jury is still out on me growing my own citrus trees also … not a darn thing has sprouted. I have a 4″ plant which grew last year, keeping that alive and then repotting should be an adventure. I’d love to have a bunch of trees one day.
I am going to try and be an optomist, I do have another 100 or so seeds I can plant 🙂 (Me and Megan picked some lemons from our tree, and a whole bunch of huge ones from a neighbor and made some kick ass lemonade :))
We’ve been saving pudding/fruit cups to grown them in and give to friends also…

On a different note:


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