There are ways to de-plasticise your life for the sake of the environment but I honestly think that we shouldn’t banish plastics from our lives, even on a micro scale person to person.

Plastic bags, grocery and snack (ziploc) can be reused and the excess groceries (HDPE 2) can be recycled.
I replaced my sandwich bag with a tupperware tub so I don’t waste as many bags that way.

Number 1 and 2 plastics (PETE and HDPE) are both accepted here for recycling and I use some small containers for planting seedlings and attempting to grow plants. We still see alot of 5,6 and 7 plastics also.

6 & 7 are a problem and usually end up in the trash, but we recently discovered Preserve who accept number 5 plastic via the mail and manufacture marketable products from it.

That is a company that has their head screwed on tight; you don’t currently receive money for sending them your plastics, to them its a free raw material. They can make a profit from others green gestures, thats the way it should be, there is insentive in profit margins for green activity. Reduce Reuse Recycle.

One thought on “Plastics

  1. Hey, thanks for the interesting comments on plastics! I’ve no idea what types of plastic I’m using… We can recycle some here, but the recycle bins say “Bottles” or whatever, not plastic types… Plastics seem pretty confusing 😀

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