Passing On

On Saturday March 28th 2009 Megan and I laid to rest an old friend.
I had only known her 4 years, but Megan witnessed her birth back in 1993.
Goodbye Rottie, we miss you already.

Rottie (a Rottwieler/shepard mix) was part of a sizeable litter and was originally Megan’s sister’s dog, but I think she lived with Megan from an early age, she became Megans dog when her sister moved away. We still have Rottie’s sister Snoopy and her surrogate sisters Ruby and Amy (who is the Mocha colored dog in this blog’s banner).

The decision to let Rottie go wasn’t an easy one and her passing has really made me think about a lot of things recently with a new
perspective. I am however glad we made the decision and were able to say goodbye in a peaceful and dignified way.



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