Big Changes, Big Dreams

Pretty soon Megan & I will be the owners of 2 houses. Its a really scary concept; we are in the stages of closing on a new property while we still own a house thats been on the market since June 08. It may seem like financial seppuku of the highest order, but we’re confident we can make it happen and come out on top.

We’re hoping to sell our 1999 ground-set manufactured home of 1,120 sqft and move into a 1,950 sqft site-built house dating from early 2005. This is a dream come true for us. Leaving our old house empty, clean, pet free and possibly with a few fresh coats of paint, we’re hoping it will sell quicker. I don’t want to think about renting it out; but its on the radar.

That is a big change, and potential fullfilment of a big dream, but with this house comes a big dream of my own. It has a 3 car garage. Every man, I mean Every man’s dream is to have that extra space for the imagination to breathe.
My dream specifically is for an automotive project, after building work benches. What kind of automotive project Dave ?
This might answer your questions. Thats right; a kick ass electric car.

Now, all of these things cost a lot of money, so the work benches and electric car especially may be a long way off in the distance and not kick as much ass as I’d like, but its a dream. The battery technology that will drive my car will probably be filled with lead and weigh as much as a second car; but its cheaper. Heck maybe by then Ultra Capacitors will have kicked off and I can buy something cheaper and older than those.
That brings me to another dream; solar panels. Lots of solar panels.

OMG I don’t have the money; I’ll be saving for years. My head is ahead of the curve, my wallet definately isn’t.
Maybe for now I’ll continue work on cultivating my Citrus Orchard.

Pudding cups, now with lively lemon zest.

Pudding cups, now with lively lemon zest.


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