Racing Guilt

I enjoy a bit of cone dodging Autocrossing and attempt the odd Rallycross now and again, but lately, however hard I try to ignore it, I have sizeably large pangs of guilt. My WRX is not exactly spewing out dandilions and roses from its tail pipe.
But what the hell ? am I supposed to completely give up something I like to do because I’m contributing to killing this planet ?
Many would say yes, and even I am leaning that way.

Can I afford right now to convert to Ethanol ? No. (Do I think its even feasble ? probably not)
Can I afford to build my own electric car at the moment ? No.
(and even if I did, it wouldn’t be fast enough, I’m not made of money)
If I want to placate my need for speed should I just do it on my commute home ? No. Not a great idea.

I am stuck with two diametrically opposed memes. One for conservation and green ideas, and the other one wants to
put the hammer home and strip of chunks off my tires. Fun vs Economy; its an age old quandry.

There are only enough resources at hand to do one thing well, and not enough time or resources to combine the two loves; speed and green.
Any advice on battling my demons would be welcome, right now I’m just trying to grow trees to soak up my carbon emissions 😦


One thought on “Racing Guilt

  1. I know the feeling: I love travelling, but now can’t fly… “Fun vs Economy; its an age old quandry”… so true 😀

    Maybe if you actually tot up the CO2 you’ll find the autocross not so bad? Probably worth doing? Here heating is the biggest chunk of my CO2 by quite a way (prob a few tons), driving a car around a bit might not be too much extra?

    Regarding me not being able to fly: I want to go to subsaharan africa, and am trying to figure out a way: Given enough time, restrictions (like not flying) make a trip more interesting + I end up seeing a lot of stuff I would have missed 😀 – at least this is what I keep telling myself. I’m hoping to get a couple of months off over Christmas to head out 😀

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