Moving in, sorting out.

Listening to: The Allman Brothers, Blue Sky.

35.9 mpg. I think. I wasn’t sure, it only took about 10 gallons (roughly 380 miles) and I tried to top the tank off and it wouldn’t let me, so I guess its accurate. Who knows (its probably closer to 31mpg, the current tank seems to be dissapearing alot quicker, so I don’t think it let me put enough gas back in).
But now because at least half my commute is on the freeway (hardly ever above 70mph), it helps alot 🙂 I still do most of my coasting in town, there aren’t alot of opportunities to coast on the freeway; I loose speed too quickly. I do try and coast down ALL hills though.

Still haven’t unpacked a lot of stuff after the move, I’m going to take one of these upcoming weekends and blitz.
I have a lot of crap 🙂 Especially in my garage. Maybe I’ll take a weekend to arrange some storage.

Future project: I’m going to be experimenting with an old AC motor (not the best, but it was free!) from an electric hospital bed and hooking it up to a bicycle drivetrain, not on a bike to begin with, I want to see if I can get it to work on a test rig. That involves benches. Hrm. At the very least a table.

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