The world is upside down.

Listen to this marines’ account of fighting our war. Support our troops, it doesn’t mean you have to agree with why they are there (I don’t)

and ….
How is it cheaper to print and ship 8×10 photographs from China than it is for me to order them from wal-mart, kodak-gallery, shutterfly, snapfish or even walgreens ?! all of which want $2.87-$3.99 Even when I’m ordering 25 !
As much as I hate ordering from China (, you can’t argue with $0.49 for an 8×10. Shipped, my order of 25 photos was $24.60.
From wal-mart, with me picking them up! (in 1-2 days) it would have been $60+ !!

Have we become so stupid that we don’t realise what is going on ?! how have our business overheads ballooned so much that there is a $2.38 difference in printing a piece of paper ?

What doesnt make sense to me at all is that a 4×6 is 9 cents, almost everywhere, surely then an 8×10 would be about 40 cents ? right ? (its roughly 4 times the paper and ink) I would even be happy paying about $1.30-$1.50 if it was printed in the US.

I’d be really interested to see the numbers on this, is the chinese guy pressing the print button actually getting paid less than the american guy ? or is wal-mart just netting more profit ?
I agree we need to keep jobs and money in this country, but every guy has a number, and mine was reached when it came to getting these prints.

Happy Birthday me. I’m 26. What did I do ? I went Ostrich Fishin’ … Yeah 🙂 Photos soon.


One thought on “The world is upside down.

  1. Addendum:

    I actually found a site of a company in the US (they have production facilities in 3 states I think) that will print 8x10s $1.69 ea. for 11+
    Thats more like it. Now I can keep the money in the US and pay a regional specialized printing company, rather than the faceless wal-mart or wallgreens who are just out for profit and mistreat thier workers blah blah blah …

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