Goodbye girl.

Brook, as Megan affectionately named her, was with us from May 15th to May 31st. Today we made the tough decision to let her pass on. (or as we tearfully refer to it: Set her free)

This little dog with a big heart didn’t have a chance. My theory is that she was bred for breeding, cute as a puppy, used as a momma dog and then kicked to the kurb to turn up unwashed, uncollared and unloved at animal control. Where she most likely contracted the distemper that almost 95% of cases, are fatal.

Docile, and enjoying a good petting

Docile, and enjoying a good petting

When the end came, she couldn’t stand and when she did manage, she fell and had uncontrollable tremours. What hurt the most though is that she was fully concious, she knew we where there, her tail would wag and she would look directly at us. Thats why we prefer to refer to euthenasia as setting a dog free. Thier mind knows thier body has almost all but given up.

Thats the tough part, how do you know when ? when is the right time ? In cases of distemper, as I am now painfully aware, pretty much any time is the right time.
As soon as the syringe was empty, her little body finally stopped convulsing; we knew she was finally at peace.

I look at my other dogs and feel such luck and thanks and only wish that Brook could have joined us all and shared in our love.
I feel such sorrow; I actually apologised to her; let down by almost everybody she came into contact with. Even I feel personally responsible; she came to our house and we tried to help, did we do all the right things ? when she refused food, should we have just tried harder ? It tears you up inside.
Goodbye Brook, I am so sorry you had to leave us this way.


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