Operation Northwoods

Google it. Read the history. Be afraid, be pretty damn afraid of all governments.

One thought on “Operation Northwoods

  1. Didn’t know this particular case. False Flag activity seems pretty common though to encourage public opinion for war/agression. I think op Ajax is one I can think of… I guess embedding fake protesters (agent provocateur) is a similar (if small scale) equivalent – quite common (trying to find some videos online of it :).

    Thanks for reminding me to trust the secret services even less than I already do.
    Although… tbh…

    I do seem to be trusting them: I use the internet unencrypted every day, carry around a mobile, use a credit card, walk beneath CCTV, use the phone, allow myself to be photographed at every protest, vigil and rally (why DO the police do that?! it’s seriously weird… why do they want a database of photos of people who are politically active and critical of the govt?)

    (not sure if ‘trust’ is the right word then…)


    Well done for keeping up the blog 😀

    PS I think Douglas Adams covered an example of accidental agent provocateur, when Arthur said “I seem to be having this tremendous difficulty with my lifestyle” 😛

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