Cordless phone saves trouble.

A couple of days ago a guy came into my place of work and asked to use the phone. He said he had been rudely treated at a store down the street; asked to get his nigger ass out. Well, ok we’re not going to ask why that happend, sure you can use our phone. We gave him our cordless phone and he sat at the counter and made two calls and left. Not before asking if we knew what time the other store down the stree closed up, I said I don’t know, about 5-5:30. Whatever.

Well, a few minutes go by and the store owner from down the street came in and started asking if we’d seen a rude black man. We said we had, but he wasn’t exactly rude to us. We heard her story about how they let him use thier office phone, and he sat there for 45 minutes making calls, interrupted a sale of thiers apparently, and when asked to leave he got very abusive. It probably got a lot worse from there.

Anyway, it suddenly hit me a while ago that we had a much better experience with the guy for 2 reasons. We didn’t LET him take advantage of our kindness, and the soul reason; you can stay behind that counter and use our cordless phone from in the back.
We didn’t invite him to use a phone behind the counter and potentially interrupt the running of our business.

Now, would the situation have been different if he came into our store first ? yeah, it probably would. He would have sat at our counter with a cordless phone making calls for 45 minutes, probably pretty annoying, but it wouldn’t have impacted our buisiness much. He was pretty quiet for the 2 calls he made from our phone.

Technology. It saves a lot of f*cking hassle. Love it.


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