Sell your Television.

Put down the cellphone and talk.
Get out of your car and walk.
Run from the market and farm.
Don’t shop, build & make.
Talk to your children & thier teachers.
Recycle your waste. Don’t waste what you cant.
Consider your impact.
Consider your perspective.
Consider the unorthodox.
Be prepared.
Be sustainable.
Be educated.

Just don’t be an idiot.

Well, this may have been a little hipocritical of me. I just bought a used TV, so now I have 3 🙂
It’s a 1986 Mitsubishi 40″ projection TV, for $40 its a riot.
200 watts, as it has a large speaker cabinate. I can power it with solar no problems including a diddy 20 watt DVD player 😀
Just ripe for Netflix nights.
Speaking of solar. I have a quote to aim for. $8 a watt for a tile roof mounted system, 1200 watts to qualify for our local utility company’s grid tie requirements. $9600+tax Whoo.
Save the pennies.

One thought on “Sell your Television.

  1. Thanks for the post!

    In December, as I’m sure you’re already aware, the nations of the world will be meeting to decide how to restrict emissions of green house gases. The most important country represented will be the United States of America. It is the stance that the US takes that will decide the response of every other country. A strong lead by the US will mean China, Europe and the rest of the world will be able to follow. Conversely, a disinterested or weak statement by the United States will allow China to avoid responding, and will stop Europe building on its current progress. India will refuse to initiate its own restrictions, and the world will be on the path to uncontrolled emissions, with the inevitable vast changes in climate. The loss of human life will be beyond reckoning, with waves of refugees pouring from one drought ridden country into the next. The collapse of nuclear states may follow, with territorial and resource disputes dragging whole continents into brutal, protracted and bloody wars. The rising of the oceans across the largest cities will cost western economies trillions, while the flooding of low lying countries such as Bangladesh will leave 100s of millions more people on the brink.

    As I said, the most important country at Copenhagen will be the United States. And the United State’s commitment will effectively decide the future of the climate. This level of commitment is being decided right now by the elected members of your Congress and Senate. These are your representatives.

    Last month the house of representatives voted for the bill that would signal this commitment. 217 voted for the bill but 205 voted against it. It has already been weakened to get it through. It now depends on the Senate’s decision.

    Politicians decide what to do based, in the end, on whether they will be reelected. Enough letters, emails, protests and phone calls will make a difference. Convince your politician that we need action on climate change. Write to them today. Tell your family and friends to write. Get this legislation through.

    Without it, Copenhagen stands little chance. Without agreement at Copenhagen, emissions will rise unimpeded.

    The future of billions lies in your hands.

    Act now.

    (For Arizona, write to McCain at: United States Senate, 241 Russell Senate Ofc. Bldg. Washington, DC 20510. Thanks!)

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