It hits us at funny times, and for funny reasons but depression is definitely not funny.
I am depressed for several different reasons.

1. Being double house poor and having to choose between paying for a house that wont sell, or short-selling it, feeling guilty and ruining my wife’s credit (the original owner)

2. Not having any money to do the things that I feel scream for my attention. Building fences and finally getting around to planting some of the stuff I’m growing in the ground.
My electric Go-Kart project, this is a healthy fantasy.
A much larger PV system (20 to 1200watts, an upgrade of 1980watts, and a difference of around $9300 πŸ™‚

3. Electric cars vs reality. Now I know that I don’t have the capital to build one yet, that’s not my problem, what is my problem is the 40-50 year timespan its taken us to realize that we need electric cars DESPERATELY and the realization that the driving public is being controlled and lied to by the likes of GM.

The technology the bankruptcy dodging “Government Motors” is trotting out in their new Volt has been developed into healthy incarnations since the 70’s and many smart people know this. Heck GM knows this, just look up the EV1, the poster child for tortured EV drivers everywhere who know that we took the wrong fork in the road at the junction of destiny.

4. Directly related to reason number 3: Every day I see trucks and SUV’s on the freeway I drive to work occupied by only 1 person and doing an average of 10mph over the posted speed limit. This literally reaches the pit of my soul and takes a huge bite out of it. “You really don’t give a shit do you ?”
These people have been conditioned to believe that they know best, they live in the best country on Earth and they drive the best and greatest machine money can buy and they can drive them however they godamn please. How dumb can we be ? the answer lies all over this great Earth in showrooms, on freeways and television screens. That dumb.

There is a guy in my neighborhood who actually spent his hard earned cash on a Tahoe Hybrid. Good job buddy, you’re definitely doing your part !

I really want to type a set of very nasty words here, but I’ll go outside and yell them at the heavens instead. I’m sure the neighbors will love that.

Bright spot: Hopefully this fall I am going to take a weekend course for a month on photovoltaic installation, maybe I’ll meet a few people with brains.


One thought on “Depression

  1. Hey!

    Good luck with the house situation :/

    And thanks for reminding me how important it is to get electric cars out there. Up till now I’ve been focusing my efforts on either a. getting promises and commitments from my MPs/MSPs, or b. Really local scale changes[1]. Lynn Sloman’s extensive research and investigation found that about 80% of car journeys could be replaced with other modes[3]… anyway, that’s not going to happen for a while, and the remaining cars need to be decarbonised. Hydrogen looks quite a way off (compared to electric which already works)[4], so it’s needed! I just forgot πŸ˜€ Well done πŸ™‚

    Also thanks for pointing to Tahoe Hybrid! Insane!!! On wikipedia it says “the EPA rating of fuel consumption for the 2WD version of the hybrid is 21 mpg”… it has a “6.0-liter V8 engine”. Lyndsey’s Fiesta had a 1.1L engine, but did 40-50 mpg. I assume that technology has come on a bit (e.g. automatic choke would have been nice!), so a 1.1L car now I guess could be better? After looking it turns out the latest Ford Fiesta will indeed be the most efficient! (Ford say that) the ECOnetic model will emit 98g of Co2/km!

    Take care,


    [1]Local changes: Getting city centre streets pedestrianised, getting more off road cycle routes, better bus services (maybe taxi-buses?), making roads easier to cross, widening pavements, and finally getting the roads safer for other road users[2]. A lot of these are because I want cities to be nicer, I want people to be more healthy, and I want less people to die in road accidents…

    [2] Apparently the average sentence someone convicted of killing someone due to dangerous driver was a Β£429 fine in Scotland —

    [3] For example, 50% of car journeys in London are less than 2 miles (walk? cycle?) from her book “Car Sick”: recommended πŸ˜€ (she uses Phoenix, Arizona as a case study at one point… lol).

    [4] Although I am concerned about the number of miles you can do – especially in colder climates (eg Scotland) where battery efficiency flounders.

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