Why doesn’t Google News have an Environment tab ?

I learned yesterday that the government has declassified satellite images dating back to 2001, and all the way up to as recent as 2007, of Artic sea ice off the coast of Alaska among others.
Apparently these where kept secret under the Bush administration which factors into a point I’ll make in a minute.

Meanwhile, please take a look at the USGS Global Fiduciary Library photos of parts of the Arctic Sea. There are many many photos actually dating from 1999 to 2008 in this library, but the most striking are the side by side comparisons labeled with the years they where taken.
Yes folks. Global warming is real and I don’t actually care what causes it, even though I try to live as green as I can; because it makes sense ! sustainability and lowering carbon emissions makes sense !
It doesn’t matter WHAT caused global warming, the only way we can actually slow it is by lowering our carbon emissions, as we are speeding it UP, and one thing we don’t have is time. Its called the carbon cycle folks, and we screwed it up.

Ok, so onto my other point. The news tabs on Google are as follows:
Top Stories, World, Business, U.S., Sci/Tech, Elections, Sports, Health, Entertainment, Most Popular.
Now immediately to me 3-4 of those are utterly useless. I’ll let you decide 🙂

We have a Health tab, not useless but it is an issue that is currently of great concern to everyone, has been for a long time, and its a human issue, with a human face, its our problem.

Entertainment, again has a human face and 90% of the news in this tab is useless barely reportable crap.

Sports, unless there’s driving involved its going to be fairly boring for me. Again, its something humans do.

Elections, fairly useful but its not going to hold my attention unless its a local issue or its time to change presidents. (remember that, its not going to get clicked on unless it directly affects >me<)

Sci/Tech, now this, along with the World tab is probably where most climate related news articles get listed right now. Sci/Tech is probably my tab of choice if I actually ever want to click on a tab (I’ll admit I usually just click on the stories that are featured, I don’t go looking for news with that much effort; that’s bad. But that’s why we need …..)

An ENVIRONMENT TAB, so people don’t HAVE to search for news on the environment, I saw the story about these photos listed on the top three stories, by chance and the link took me to this site

Now, why don’t we have an Environment tab yet ? (which we should, Google is young and the problem with how we treat the environment is VERY old)
Because it doesn’t have a human face!

Terrorists = human face.
Murderers = human face.
Politicians = human face.
President Bush and his idiotocracy = human face. (yes folks, he was a distraction from what was really going on.)
TV personalities = human face.
Iran/Iraq = human faces.
Local elections, school boards, hospital staff, fires, robberies etc etc etc = human faces with exciting stories to tell.

Environment/Climate change = oh, a bunch of boring scientists telling us we’re all doing it wrong and we’re all going to kill the planet, and ourselves in the short term future.
Hmmm. Not a very fun message to report on is it ?

Thats why we don’t have an environment tab. It doesn’t make good news. Its too large to fit into peoples minds because it spans past more than 2 years ago and involves the planet as one large entity.
It doesn’t have a human face, its an indirect human threat; if it does have a human face, its ALL OF US. That’s too big of a focus to have for a concise, neat and tidy news piece or soundbite.
And even some news is too bad to report. Terrorists don’t seem like a big deal compared to the killing of the only planet we have.

Why we should have an environment tab on all news outlets: Not just climate change could be reported there, but all the technology now being sold to us that is going “green” should be featured there too.
Scientists blogs, university studies, USGS satellite photos, (now that they’re apparently not a threat to national security, THANKS MR. BUSH, I FEEL A LOT SAFER NOW!)
All this stuff needs to be pushed into the public sphere just as aggressively as who is now dating Britany Spears, Who just bombed who in which middle eastern country and for what perceived reason, What tax payers are now footing the bill for, How angry this guy is about his 401k etc etc…….. ad infinitum.

In my opinion which isn’t that valid, because I don’t run my own news site or million dollar internet company the Environment tab should actually be at the top. But it shouldn’t be the only tab. It must prominently co-habit the space other news is featured if it is ever to become a mainstream concern.

In 50 years when all the terrorists are dead, the financial markets are gone, the sea has risen and we no longer have the resources to go and fight questionable wars, what will you report then ?


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