District 9

This film is a a violent, shattering and horrifying look into a mirror reflecting our past human rights abuses and projecting them into a future where we are no different and treat moribund alien voyagers with the same illegal and repressive actions.
Neil Blomkamp & Peter Jackson’s District 9 assumes a spliced feel of documentary and action thriller that works very well on its mission to keep you gasping and reeling with horror and conflicted feelings for many of its well depicted characters.

I love this movie because its a sci-fi movie that brings reality and mind bending fiction very close together. (It also felt a little like half life 2 šŸ™‚ who’s story was not that dissimilar, except humans are getting the raw end of the deal)

Obviously being a South African movie it is heavy with perceptions and memories of aparthide by design, but the other main theme apart from segregation is the “military industrial complex” and its savage pursuit of new alien weaponry and the ability to use it effectively.
The way this is horrifyingly portrayed with no regard for life, alien or human, in my opinion is pretty close to reality if this scenario actually played out.

Technological and monetary gain over morals and rights is a running theme in our current reality and this film takes a logical progression and applies it to alien visitors rather blithely weaving in references, tactics & similar images to current real life scenarios.

The cycle of discreditation of a “fugitive”, lying to the public and key figures is all too familiar, the old addage knowledge is power holds very true in District 9’s universe and the aliens are either too nieve or on a completely different plain of being to recognize evil human motives

I highly recommend you see District 9, it is the first film I’ve seen in theaters in probably 3 months and I only heard of it 2 weeks before I saw it. All I needed was Peter Jackson+Sci-Fi that was enough for me. The Weta guys really worked up some fantastic imagery for this movie.

See a trailer here.

One thought on “District 9

  1. Definitely was a crazy movie…good and gruesome all at the same time. I think the next movie we watch in theaters needs to be something funny…like Shorts (still sci-fi ish right?)

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