Another rescued life.

I drive the frontage road home most of the time, it probably doesn’t save me much time or gas, but its more interesting than taking the freeway. Megan and I where carpooling last Thursday and getting pretty close to the end of the road where we turn to get to our neighborhood 5 minutes away. “Dog!”
I hit the brakes, I wasn’t going that fast. Looking over to the side of the road there was a small black dog right there where grass meets asphalt. We pulled over and long story short, we earned ourself another microchipless, tagless dog, smelling of roadkill and a walking zoo for ticks, to ad to our herd.

We rescued another one. He could have ended up under a cement truck or car, starved to death or been coyote lunch or he could have met someone who would have simply dropped him at Animal Control, where he may have been adopted, but was as equally likely to contract kennal cough or distemper and die a miserable death.

When I looked at him playing with our other dogs last night it hit me pretty hard; all of thier futures could have been very different, all of them where taken from or found escaping from places, things or circumstances that would have killed them given enough time.

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