Garden & Solar Oven

Having $70 in home depot gift cards really helped here 🙂 (Thanks Megan! she redeemed them from online surveys)
I finally got a raised garden built, using 4″x4″x8′ posts. Looking at it now I wish I could build a larger one! We definitely will once we get the money, 4’x8′ ? that would be awesome.

This is more than enough to deal with for now, I have to go and get some fill dirt from behind the house, then mix in the mulch and some potting soil. I plan to grow some more seedlings and also plant most of the tomato plants I’ve already grown, they need to get out of their pots and stretch their roots 🙂


Vegetable garden or toy fort, you decide.

I also got a chance to work on a satellite dish solar oven. I covered the dish a while back and I burnt a few things with it (works REALLY well) and even boiled a small amount of water in a cat food tin (not a great idea… smelt like fish :))
This is definitely version 0.1, the pot holder is adjustable up to a point, enough to fine tune. The dish mount can be adjusted to a desired angle (in conjunction with the pot holder so it stays level) depending on if the sun is high or low (usually best cooking times are between 10am and 3pm) I haven’t tested it yet with the camping kettle, but I will do soon. Hopefully it boils in under 10 mins 🙂

Cook things (hopefully) or just set things on fire.... :)

Cook things (hopefully) or just set stuff on fire 🙂

One more crazy invention:
Using an old TV projection lens and some simple electronics, I created an LED pumpkin face projector. Pics of the projection soon… should have included those 🙂


Photos of the projected image soon ! It worked out pretty well 🙂


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