Its that time of year again …

When the days get oh so short and the weather gets nasty.
On a positive note, my garden is in. About 8 tomato plants, and a Primlula. I’m growing more cucumber seedlings and also other gourds like saucer fruit and pumpkins; we’ll see how they do in the spring when they’re a bit bigger after transplating.
Photos soon 🙂
My rainwater barrel has filled up rather nicely, we’ve had some good rain here over the last couple of days, ironically the point of a barrel is it stores water when its least needed, for when its most needed (when the rain says good bye !)
I’m giving serious thought to buying another.

So, not that I thought it would happen, but I’m not the first on my street to get a PV system installed. An array just appeared on a house a little way down. I figured they where the kind of folk 🙂 They drive small cars and they have a modest array of christmas lights, compared to thier neighbors; a two story house, 2 cars, 1 van and an SUV and enough christmas lights to make Micky Mouses Christmas Parade blush.
We’re probably going to do a solar hot water heater first, its a lot more in our price range right now 🙂


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