Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab

You poor misguided soul.
From what I can tell about you, you where a very dedicated, eloquent and hard working young man who enjoyed his education, one provided largely by western nations. What happened ? what made you turn against a culture that offered you so much, you could have easily risen to a place of stature had you played the game right. In 15-20 years you could have been running your own company, then taken some of your profits and donated them to aid efforts, publicly denounced US foreign policy and aired your views through many channels. Instead you chose to join the fray in the wrong way. Way too early, and in a way that just increases the hatred in the world.
Now you will languish in federal prison for the next 20 years, probably hating the world even more.

I grew up in the UK, and I was a pretty studious guy who didn’t go out much, wasn’t very sociable, you could probably call some of my political views extreme right wing back then. I didn’t have much contact with girls, dating etc. And I am not a religious person in any stretch of the imagination. I harbored quite a bit of hate for the world, still do really but yet, I moved to another country, got a job, married the woman I love and bought a house, kept learning and the world got better for me.
I moved to the same country you could have moved to, you and I where both lucky. Why did you reject it ? for all its flaws, ugly truths and imperfections you must realise (British Spelling!) that you will NEVER change a country from the outside, the only way you can possibly effect change is from the inside, and slowly.

Terrorists & Extremists don’t get it. WE ARE ALL CHANGE, get with it and stop moaning. Change happens slowly, not with bombings and honor killings, we’ve been occupying some countries for 8 years, and have been for thousands more. Change happens slowly. All you’re doing is slowing it down more. Way to be a martyr Umar.
You won’t see change in your lifetime, because you rushed yourself.


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