Goodbye to another old friend.


Saturday 29th January 2010 saw us saying goodbye to another old friend of ours, 17yr old Snoopy, Rotties’ sister. From the same litter all the way back in 1993.
These two dogs where close, and now we like to think they’re back together again.
Again it was a hard decision to finally let Snoopy go, like Rottie. We had been watching Snoopy steadily loose weight & started hand feeding her and seen her take many a tumble because of her shaky legs, poor eyesight and next to no hearing.
Making that decision is the hardest you’ll ever make, as pet owners know. Where is the fine line between love and quality of life.

Snoopy, you where such a happy pup who shadowed your momma and made sure everyone knew their place, you did tolerate a lot of new additions and bizarre behavior from the other dogs. You’ll be missed.
Goodbye old girl, say hi to Rottie for us.

Sisters forever.

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