The state of hate and fear.

No, I’m not referring to the recent decision that may enable racial profiling in Arizona, however misguided it is, I hold hope that it will push for immigration reform (bumping Climate & Energy legislation, yay politics. Face, meet palm.)

I’m actually referring to the mass, mis-directed hysteria that has an undeniable grip on this nation. Screaming socialism! Tea baggers! Oath Keepers! and other groups denouncing the government and President Obama’s authority and actions. Don’t get me wrong, the guy isn’t perfect, but he’s not dragging this country into the shitter. We’re already there, hadn’t you NOTICED ?

The last 2-3 decades can’t have left you with any other idea; what we’ve been doing for that time has set us up for an immense shortcoming in all the methods and resources that got us this far. We are running head long into the realization that what we’re doing is very unsustainable, at every level. And its beginning to hurt quite a bit. Its not surprising the hate and anger directed at the next guy to blame in line is intensifying to a hysteric level. It’s the culmination of decades of failed and misdirected government, domestic and foreign policy.

Directing all that pent up anger at just one guy is a pure sign of the cluelessness of the nations population. The majority of the people have no idea where we are, where we’re going or how we got here. They’re angry and scared of what is happening but don’t know why or who to be angry at.

You know who I’d be angry at ? every republican (and most democratic) campaign contributor over the last 40 years. Every lobbyist who obstructed positive change or reform. I would hate those who have cajoled and molded our system of government into a free-for-all cash bonanza for influence.

I would hate the supreme court justices, those of whom just repealed the ban on corporate spending in election campaigns. A lot of people are clueless exactly how bad this could end up being, some state and county elections, especially those that are dominated by large employers, are going to be bought and paid for.

I’d reserve a special amount of hate for the Bush administration (yeah I know…) and what they did to this country from Jan 2001 to the beginning of the Iraq war. I’d also hate (and fear) those ignorant of exactly what I’m talking about. That administration saw we where addicted to a resource that we didn’t want to live with out, and went and secured a whole lot of it in a foreign country. Rather than step away from oil and towards something more sustainable, they took the easy route out, one humans can’t resist. They started a war.

It doesn’t matter whether you believe we knew about 9/11 probably a full year or more before it happened (and we did).

It doesn’t matter whether you believe Cheney met with oil companies from many nations in May 2001 (which he did)

It doesn’t matter whether you believe that the president’s brother Marvin ran a security company which ran security for United Airlines, and owned a subsidiary that ran security for the WTC (did, and did.)

It doesn’t matter whether you believe that mere weeks after the invasion of Iraq an oil pipeline was built from northern Iraqi oil-fields to Isreal.

It also doesn’t matter that you don’t believe in peak oil. Dick Cheney certainly DOES.

Lets all be angry at Obama and healthcare reform, and “socialism” thats the real devil.



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