Idiocracy and moral retardation…

What about humanity so seeks to drive thought, reason and rationality from this world ?

Over the past few months I’ve become increasingly disenfranchised about the state of this country but also about my immediate locale. Am I a pius arrogant bastard for thinking that almost everyone I see and interact with is at best an idiot ?

Example A.
The superior’s son just borrowed $1,300 to ship a pit bull puppy from out of state, so he can breed it.
Unmarried, about to have a child and you borrow what amounts to a mortgage payment to BUY a dog ?
Not persuaded by my pleas and ranting that a dog can literally be found wandering the unkind streets, or adopted for less than $100 I felt like trying another angle. “Surely you can think of better investments for a thousand dollars that would have a better return and not require so much effort ?”

Alas forethought, or thought of any kind is beyond capacity here. The comment rolled off the proverbial ducks back.
The argument is so morally retarded it just isn’t funny. We don’t need more dogs, we don’t need more pit bulls, we don’t need you to spend $1,300 on a dog when you’re about to have a baby out of wedlock!
Stupidity doesn’t cover it.

This whole encounter was an exercise in bad parenting compounded by 27 years of never showing junior who’s boss. If my kid ever asks me he wants to borrow over a grand to buy a dog to breed it I’ll snap his neck, and then commit suicide as obviously I’ve fucked up.

(My mother and father instilled in me a very deep sense of having to earn everything, being responsible and somehow they worked in a deep respect for animals and nature. I’m not quite sure how they did it.
It was probably all the sitting around on airfields in France or something, with lots of dogs and grass 🙂 )

But wait there’s more:

What makes it about 50 times worse is the man realizes he is by no uncertain terms contributing to the entropy that will see “Idiocracy” become a reality. He revels in the fact, he takes pride in the fact he doesn’t have to think at all about his decisions, he’s not bound by any one or anything to happen upon a responsible notion about anything.
(I highly recommend all of Mike Judge’s work to anyone, film and animation alike. Idiocracy is one of his more disturbingly funny movies.)

Example B.
The same guy bought probably a 1/4lb of weed to work and showed it to me. Not smart. Also not smart, telling me he scored roughly $20 grand over the course of a year selling weed. How endearing, I make about $25k a year and I hate my job, gee you’re saying all I’ve got to do is take a hammer to my moral compass and I could earn an extra $15-20k a year ? THANKS.

You’re damn right I told his mother. Mistake, nothing happend 😦 but it sure as hell won’t happen again, he knows not to approach me with anything dumb ever again.

Example C.
People are still ranting about how Obama is doing the worst job ever. Again I lift the palm of my right hand and place it squarely over my face. I get it, he’s not perfect (infact he received a lot of money from British Petroleum during his campaign, then again, making 12 million dollars a day or something ridiculous, they probably gave money to alot of people, but hey, full disclosure)
“Oilbama” ? really how pathetic is that ? As if expressing every bad thing in this country through a lens of Obama hatred absolves you of actually studying and thinking about a problem. This is a new kind of stupid.

Again I want to bring people’s attention to what has been happening in this country for the last 30-40 years, a history of which the results we are reaping repeatedly over the last decade. Foreign policy = broken, Energy policy = stupid, Environmental policy = its taken some up spins the last 25 years, but its still not exactly shiney.
All because these are really coming through in one guy’s first year you assume its his fault. I honestly think a lot of people, lovers and haters a like expected waaaay too much from this guy.
It almost makes me miss Bush, nobody expected anything from him except the same old crap. But again, he wasn’t in charge was he ?

Wake up you idiots, we’re the problem, the government is just put there so we can all rant and rave about it being someone elses fault.

A good read on the lead-up and some of the possible causes to the BP spill in the gulf can be read here.
It was authored by the “raving hypocrite lefty bastard” RFK Jr. Again, if I had a choice between him and Glenn Beck ? exactly …

The article mentions that BP uses accoustical regulators on its north sea rigs off the coast of the UK. Yet they weren’t required to in the gulf “because they cost too much”
And I heard an interview with a BP exec where he said he was not sure he’d even heard what an accoustical regulator was.
I’ll have to leave it at that, this is just becoming too cliched. Oil companies lie and cheat.
Welcome to planet Earth.


One thought on “Idiocracy and moral retardation…

  1. I. Breeding dogs, pitbulls in particular. Why is it that, the majority of the people spending money on pitbulls are mouth breathing, thuggish-ruggish-bone-wannabes with neither the financial nor intellectual wherewithall to actually raise them right?

    a. Why are pit bulls and rottweilers so vicious and threatening? Likely because mindless violence attracts low rent, hood rat mental midgets. They buy these animals, utterly fail at training them to be anything more than a monster, then lose interest or have them taken away when they hurt someone. Think this pisses you off? Bring this up with a passionate, educated, responsible pit bull breeder. These dogs are saints, as meanspirited as a cow, even cuddly in the right hands.

    b. I’m opposed to breeders in any case. A puppy mill is a puppy mill. Just because your health and customer standards are higher doesn’t make up for the fact that you are ignoring the greater issue of irresponsible pet ownership and the effect it has on the quality of animal life in order to make a profit doggy style.

    II. Obama. It’s not Obama’s fault. It’s not the spend-spend-spend Democrats fault. It’s not the no-no-no Republicans fault. It’s all of them working together. Why? Because they make up a government representative of the people.

    If society is mostly irresponsible and greedy, why would our elected officials be any different? There are times I feel like the couple on the couch at the begining of Idiocracy should have just gotten drunk and screwed.

    III. Idiocracy. A movie so valuable for its insight into what is really happening in modern society today, I own TWO copies.

    There is no escaping the idiocracy. It bears down upon us like a rising tide. We can fight it all we want. The lax and ignorant will continue to demand money from business and the treasury until such time as there is none left. At that point, we’ll either have martial law or our Chinese landlords will evict us.

    I often think, maybe we should encourage the coming idiocracy. If everyone is going to turn into a clueless dullard, those of us with common sense might be able to make a decent living off their backs. Even Lowell made good and ran Brawndo. That’s quite the step up from hole-in-the-wall airline mechanic.

    We should talk more about jobs that suck and making more money.

    I like money. And I totally supersize with you, bro.

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