keeping the mind busy 2

Sizing an array for the battery bank in the post below

Using this panel:
72watt nominal
Vmp 12v
Imp 6a
Voc 22v
Isc 7a

131.6ah per day avg / 0.8 battery efficiency / 6.5 = peak array amps = 25.3a

modules in parallel:
25.3a / Imp 6a = 4.21 panels, round up to 5 panels in parallel.

modules in series:
DC system voltage 12v

12v / 12v Vmp = 1 series module.

A simple small array of 5 panels in series will charge this battery bank.
Array size: 12vmp x 6amp x 5 = 360 watts (72watt x 5)

Off to take an exam now! wish me luck.

3 thoughts on “keeping the mind busy 2

  1. thanks dude.
    There actually where fairly simple array and battery sizing questions on the test ! I think I did ok on those, but some of the safety questions had me stumped, some of it we hadn’t covered :/ I’ll see how I did in a couple weeks.

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