The Un-United States of Dichotomy

We can all realize that we all strive to different goals, march to different beats and pander to our own self interests. After all, isn’t diversity what makes this country great ?

Diversity sure, dumbness no. That isn’t a virtue, at least most people would say it isn’t. I hope.

As I work here this morning, standing at a table masking decals I hear the Diane Rheem show turn to a segment on the Gulf Spill, something we’ve all been trying very hard to forget this past Fathers Day weekend.

Specifically Diane was talking about the wild life population, hearing from reporters detailing the slick and relaying eye witness reports of flying fish, dolphins, turtles, all unwittingly traveling into the slicks, eating contaminated jellyfish and other food sources. Breathing, one reporter said became harder the further they went out from the coast, at some point “you’d probably need a respirator” to be able to go that far.

Before today, I got an order to make a decal for the back of a boat. And I quote, I’m not making this up: “Suckin’ Gas & Blowin’ Money” I almost puked.
But today was the day I had to make this decal, while listening to said Diane Rheem discussion.
How can some people be so unaware ? so wrapped up in their perfect little existences, as to arrive at this slogan to adorn their boat ?
Have you been living under a rock for the past 2 months ? do you simply not care ? or are you too dumb to connect the dots ?

As I proceeded to cut this decal, I caught parts of conversation. The customers had their two children with them, one of them was behind my desk, he said “I thought the decal said saving gas ?” I don’t know how serious he was being, he was probably 7 or 8 but the reply was “no, if we wanted to do that we’d stay home, that’d be too easy”

I got the feeling the parents where disagreeing on something … I couldn’t put my finger on it.
You’re either ignorant or conflicted, I can’t tell which. Complaining about the price though (BLOWIN’ MONEY?!) makes me think the former.

There are two dichotomies here. One representing that individuals possibly attempt to represent something that they’re not or don’t really want to be and another representing some of the population of this country being so ignorant of, or indifferent to a spill that is signalling a dawn of a new age: one where cheap oil, and the lifestyle it represents is gone.
Where the EROEI of oil not only sinks, but the environmental effects become such that whole economies or local industries are sunk along with the diminishing returns.

These dichotomies concern us all. Attempting to live a lifestyle of cheap energy and tenuous financial responsibility will push this country into a nasty spot. Ignorance of a problem will hurt much more when you’re finally forced to face it. I disagree with those who place faith in people, that once they’re forced to, they will live responsibly within their means.

Why ? What will stop people from fighting hard until the last glint of a better lifestyle is gone ? isn’t that what we’ve been trained to do ? Those ignorant of any problems now will fight the hardest and dirtiest when the squeeze hits.

The last dichotomy ? Mine. Living as best I can, conserving, saving, attempting to make decisions that will hopefully put me on a stable footing. I’m naturally cautious, I think things through, I visualize the most outlandish of possible risks. Of course this doesn’t mean I never take any, but the level of un-planned irresponsible life choices I see on display day after day just grates at my bloody soul.
How can people be so stupid ?!

I know, all this from one decal and a radio programme. Get over it Dave.


3 thoughts on “The Un-United States of Dichotomy

  1. “Attempting to live a lifestyle of cheap energy and tenuous financial responsibility will push this country into a nasty spot.” Umm… will push us there? We’re already there.

    • That we are. But we’re going to get pushed further and its going to hurt even more when we bump our heads against the “limits to growth”. I can only hope this is being discussed in classrooms across this country right now, that there is a generation that won’t grow up as I did, very unaware until now.

  2. Definitely not “get over it”…so sad that the moron’s kid gets it and he immediately squashes the child’s intuitiveness. Too bad you can’t just tape the moron’s mouth shut with his decal…now that would be a great use of the money!! šŸ™‚

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