OEM Chevrolet S10 EV

Exactly the kind of platform I want to build on. GM did it too, essentially they stuck the drive train from the ill fated EV1 in the front of an S10.

That is where the similarities may diverge. Instead of leasing the truck some where actually sold! 60 of these things are out there.


One is currently for sale here – http://gobestauto.com/ViewDetails.aspx?VID=1212

Yeah I’d love to buy it 😦 the inverter is missing so it may be more trouble than its worth for me.

The only sold 60 you say ? yeah, the other 400 or so they made where crushed just like the  EV1. … to quote myself from twitter : “where’s that list of reasons GM should have been allowed to fail? oh there it is, I confused it with my PHONE BOOK.”

This S10 probably had a lead pack, later they received NiMh batteries increasing range and acceleration in 1998, I wonder how many of those are still around ? or whether Chevron kindly asked for the batteries after they bought the patents from Ovonics.

One thought on “OEM Chevrolet S10 EV

  1. where’d the photo of Moo go? It was so awesome and I came here to ‘steal’ it 🙂 Hmmm…I am sure I have another silly photo of her saved somewhere in my email, or on my website….but thought of yours first

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