The most important thing the United States needs right now.

What is the biggest and most prevelent tool of the largest religion in the US ? Well, that religion is consumerism, and that tool is Television.

Some characterize TV as an information, entertainment and pleasure source, others as a distraction. It can be, and is all of these things depending on who you talk to, and what you watch.

I gernerally like to say that I don’t watch a lot of TV, truth is I probably don’t by average US standards, but I do watch TV. Local news, dramas and sitcoms. I don’t have cable, and I don’t watch news coverage from national networks, I think anyone who spends most of their day being exposed to a 24hr news cycle online will admit that tuning in to the nightly news is a bit pointless. Oh, and PBS, I always have time for that 🙂

The idea I had this morning probably does stem from my love for shows like CSI, The Mentalist, Criminal Minds, Law and Order: Criminal Intent / SVU and NCIS. I’m not a drama junkie, but I do find these shows entertaining and interesting. Americans are exposed to hours of TV drama, its very popular, and I’d like to think that it is on the higher end of the intelectual scale of entertainment on  TV (yeah .. I’m trying to dress up my guilty habit..)

Cut this with the other big “drama” I spend a lot of time studying; peak oil and the energy crisis. Bang, there is the idea, the United States as a whole, and its TV fed public need a popular drama show about peak oil. There are already works of fiction dealing with the future difficulties we are going to face ( But nothing on TV in a popular format millions of Americans already know and love.

Right now we might be distracting ourselves with info-tainment, but the source of the cancer can be the medium that brings the delerium lifting cure. I wish I knew how to write a good TV show treatment and propose it to my friends at the networks, but I don’t.

We have cable drama shows about the zombie apocolypse ( which I’ll admit is one reason I regret not having cable. This illustrates a great point; Americans already watch TV shows that depict post-apocolyptic worlds, dramas that show a United States in termoil and life that is anything but normal (Jericho, comes to mind, playing on that embedded fear that Americans are trained to have; Nuclear attack)

Why not add a little more realism and truth to the writing of a show, one that actually talks about real issues facing the country ? We’ll call it “After Peak” or “Post Peak” and it will have a rugged anti-hero teaching his kids survival skills, while trying to locate his dead wife’s family in the next state. Something like that … get those creative juices flowing and pitch this one to friends. It’d help if they chair a major network …

Some will say during the pitch “Americans aren’t ready for this kind of TV show”

Sadly, thats the whole point.


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