Don’t look to government figureheads for answers.

The recent debt ceiling arguments are just the latest example of how we like to be lied to and stick our fingers in our ears when anyone say’s both parties are at fault and the system is critically broken.

This is just another rant about oil, war and un-sustainability of empire brought on by a slightly biased article and one fairly ignorant reader letter in my local paper. It started out as a reply letter but it won’t get printed so here it is >.<

Recently I read Richard Brinkly’s peice on the debt ceiling discussion, <a member of the Saddlebrooke Republican club no less> and a letter from Henry Sheetz stating he’s unhappy with Obama.  (apparently Henry was born in 2008 as he specifically labels ‘Bama as “Worst President Ever” Let the Bush bashing begin …)

<“I dread to think what Obama would have done if 9/11 happened on his watch?” –

I’m glad you asked, depending on his resolve against the military industrial complex, which I haven’t really seen much of as a president, but as a senator he voted against it, we wouldn’t have invaded Iraq and we’d be in a much better position today financially for it.

But, you’re falling into a trap. Government figureheads are meaningless distractions, whining about which one does a better job misses the point; each one is a product of our willingness to be lied to as long as we have security and liberty. That will not change, so the results don’t change.>

I hate to break it to both these guys, but almost anything that the Dems or Republicans do is meaningless. They are almost worse than any kind of distraction I can think of.
Lady Gaga ? *shudder*

Most of the work that happens in the halls of congress is a little out of touch with reality, and in turn it distorts our understanding of reality. We sometimes willfully accept it and sometimes we don’t.

The reality is the unsustainable nature of the American Empire in which we live, we must have learnt that 2 quasi-unexplainable wars costing billions have wreaked havoc at home and is one of the biggest reasons why we are where we are today.

Quasi-unexplainable ? everyone has a different opinion on why we are in Iraq and Afghanistan, they’ll fall into a few
different catagories; Security, democracy building, defeating Al-Q and the Q’s.

Then there are a few more which really get a bit closer to what some might term the truth; Oil, natural resources, Still incomplete Caspian sea pipeline deals, opium production, strategic presence and economic subjugation of middle eastern powers. ( How much money (oil) will the western world be asking from Iraq as a back scratch ? Just how long can the Saudi’s keep up their excess capacity ? )

Now these are never publicly acknowledged overt reasons for why we go to war, and the compartmentalized nature of our society means we don’t get the whole picture which leads great swaths of the public to literally not give a shit. Business as usual.

They might be termed fringe benefits. Fringe benefits which really do help us a lot. Opening Iraq’s oil supply will one day be viewed as one of the most essential actions of the 21st century by “dumb growth” addicted historians and economists. It’s a good thing we kill and die so the US economy, (by this time if you haven’t realized it’s a war economy whose GDP relies so heavily on the price of oil it’s just not funny) can sustain a growth rate of 3% or more.

It’s not so much that oil comes to us from unstable places, which right now from Iraq it really doesn’t but how much oil is on the market to maintain a low price, a future low price at that.

Ever wonder how much the illegal drug trade adds to the economy ? Look that one up.

All this to sustain us. All of this effort outlayed so that we can achieve our meager security and liberty; both of which will
hit the fan when, we realize, as the people in power realized a few decades ago; the elixir of growth gets scarce.

But go ahead. Keep asking those in power dumb questions;  they won’t tell you the truth anyway. Don’t look directly to government figure heads for answers get wise on you’re own and you’ll quickly realize there are
many scary factors that are beyond their control, and certainly beyond your own. Welcome to the collapse.

This post brought to you by ignorance, half truths, sun burn and back pain.

I just wrote this and then proceeded to read this from the Post Carbon Institute’s Richard Heinberg. Highly recommended reading and a lot better written 🙂


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