How it is.

I don’t know how to start this post so I’ll just start writing it. Recently I had a pretty brutal bout of depression, manifesting as stomach pains, insomnia and at some points some pretty nasty thoughts along the lines of one’s own personal well being.

Gosh why? I hear you exclaim. It’s a complex issue, but it most likely has its roots in a form of information overload, a specific kind of information; bad news. News about just how screwed up the world is and news about that news, reinforcing and reaffirming it, intensly and repeatedly.

It is just like a traffic accident, rubbernecking, mouth agape, at just how horrifically screwed up things are. But as with all things, too much of it will drive you nucking futs. And it did.

I went to therapy, it helped a little but I ran into a very interesting problem (aside for paying out the ass for it) I began to disbelieve and almost right off the opinions of the therapist because I felt they where absolutely clueless about how bad things actually are; expressing that the Keystone XL isn’t really that much of a problem, and that we “have to get it from somewhere” and that Obama’s not really doing a bad job. Not realizing at all it’s almost indistinguishable from the job that Bush II was doing.

Am I just a pessimist ? should I simply avoid all news to do with peak oil and war ? energy and environment ? should I stop watching Democracy Now ?


Keeping this information inside and not letting it out is what hurts. Knowledge itself is a searing blade that can cleave your mind and by extension almost your very soul, in two. Uncomfortable and inconvenient truths really, really hurt, but they hurt even more when they’re ignored; inside and in reality.

The big one for me, has been for a while if previous blog posts are anything to consider; Iraqi oil.
I was only about 8 or 9 during the first Gulf War, and in 2003 when Operation Iraqi Liberation was later renamed to Operation Iraqi Freedom I was just about to finish up college. I wrote a note to myself and dated it. Long since lost
it read “Is it really “time to go in” to Iraq ?”

That question evolved and simmered in my subconscious for a long time and by late 2007 I was obsessed with it and another new concept to me; peak oil.

Swirling around with other amazing revelations, watching a lot of videos featuring Mike Ruppert and actively learning about Transition folks. All the while learning more and more about climate and energy that just kept me in awe of how much we are screwing ourselves and have been for decades.

This is all part of getting it out.

If this was Star Wars, we’d be the Empire. I think that more than anything defines exactly how I feel about where we are. What follows can be supported and I might give some links:

Dick Cheney. He’s an energy guy. He understands peak oil, he really liked the look of the Caspian Sea, and Iraq. He understood all the surrounding countries and potential “dominos”, bottle necks and multiple challenges that lay in front of his goal, or if he didn’t, folks at the Pentagon did. His goal for the United States and it’s position in the world. (This is the same guy who made it possible to exempt fracking fluid from disclosure, he left us with so many wonderful gifts.)

Not to say we can pin this all on Dick. The result of what is happening today has been hundreds of years in the making. Years of imperialism, wars, invasions, trade agreements, coups and the good ol’ boys club… with a fairly big dose of the CIA. The aims of securing large energy supplies in other countries are viewed as business as usual.. by almost everyone, I don’t care if you are a hawk, dove, dem or repub, you want JOBS, GROWTH and FREEDOM.
None of which can be had without cheap energy. We all share the blame with Dick.

When hawks and ex marines tell you those boys fight for our freedom, they’ve almost got it right. Instead of an advancing Nazi front line in Europe, or a … no that was pretty much the last war that could have been considered “just”
Those boys are fighting for your freedom. Freedom to pretty much do anything with 60% of this nations transportation fuel that is imported, fueling “growth” and keeping people employed, all at a cost which is acceptable.

Or is it ?


Saddam Hussain makes a bizarre move and starts selling Iraqi oil exclusively in Euros. A direct threat to the status of the Dollar as the oil trading currency of the world. Placing Saddam’s regime on the list of dangerous “dominos” which could possibly cause other OPEC nations and other non OPEC exporters to perhaps do the same if it went unchallenged. Saddam would have made a boatload of cash too if the practice had continued for any length of time. But it didn’t.

These facts alone should prick the ears of those even the least curious about oil politics and petrodollars. Saddam just became an obstacle for the development of Iraqi oil. He was a bottleneck according to a certain US Administration.

Saudi Arabian excess capacity is in decline.

There are people in this country who’s job it is to know this and everything about it in minute detail. Above stuff like the CIA factbook, it wouldn’t suprise me if there are CIA spies inside Saudi Aramco. Jeddah and Riyadh must be crawling with all sorts of secret service folks. We know what’s going on inside SA, and we know how much we piss them off.

It’s my opinion that Iraq has been saddled by outside forces to become the next Saudi Arabia, perhaps by 2015 or so, because of it’s large untapped reserves their accelerated development. World oil markets will be steadied by more Iraqi crude in the future. (but hey, for how much longer until demand outstrips .. again ?)

So back to those boys whom we ship all over the globe to ensure infrastructure and relative peace in areas we need certain system inputs from. 3-5 years from now consider how much gasoline is making it into your tank from sources derived from Iraqi oil. Right now every 5th time you fill ‘er up that gasoline started its life deep inside Ghwar, Saudi Arabia. Will people actually make the connection then ? that  in essence we’ve exchanged a few thousand service members lives for a bit less pain at the pump ? ….

No, I’m not holding my breath either.

I wonder if the wonderfully antique vein of the Carter Doctrine now being displayed in the straits of Hormuz will escalate into another crusade like conflict to ensure Iraqi oil can make it through to markets. Will people get it then ? When kids now finishing military school are lining up in bases in Saudi Arabia and surrounding countries, building physical threats against Iran, because “All options are on the table”

No, I’ll put $50 on the flying pig first.

Anyway, that about sums it up. We’re all being lied to repeatedly and it’s getting on my nerves, spread the word.
More to come.


3 thoughts on “How it is.

  1. That is really interesting, You’re an excessively skilled blogger. I’ve joined your feed and look ahead to in search of more of your fantastic post. Additionally, I have shared your web site in my social networks!

    • I have approved the above comment out of curiosity, bogus name, url and email address; very odd. Someone named Toby actually interested in discussing these topics? Or spam?

      … when I get called excessivly skilled at anything I get suspicious 😉

  2. this post skirts the issue that *direct oil imports* from iraq are not important, Iraq was “opened up” to more international hands, the bulk of which are Chinese. Fungability and global benchmarks means this still has an effect on the price of oil in the long term. Iraq was a neccessity to maintain future prices that are palletable.

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