Pondering Drones

There’s a dead man on my TV
An Air Force Major at Nellis
in a flightless cockpit
Why did this foreigner die ?
He’s no threat to me

Death from above now looks like
a video game.
You can no longer smell the fog
of war up close, taste the blood
and dirt.
From four thousand miles away
it may even be quite tame.

The uninformed are indifferent to
the silent ever present fight.
Old warnings echo but ignorance
persists, if none of our boys are
dying, it’s an improvement right?

Now the silent ever watching all
seeing strengthens its presence
at home, with these new grey birds
packing more than just claws.
For a traffic stop or a jail break
they claim, but what of the future?
I hope it’s reason enough for pause.

We thought we had left this stuff behind
but we were naive.
Stick a new face in the white
house, the machine continues to roam the world,
to awe, kill and thieve.


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