Another letter to the Explorer

Lately I’ve been reading a lot of what Glenn Greenwald writes ( and the , as well as twitter @ggreenwald) Glenn and a few other folks continually point out the utter illegality of the administrations use of Drones and legal black holes in which people are held in suspense of habeas corpus. I read a lot about this stuff and hence I get concerned about things like the NDAA Sction 1021, needless killing of Pakistani civilians and assassination of US citizens without trial.
So, when a bunch of rubes keep writing into the local paper whining about which candidate is hiding more and which is more important to disclose… I can’t hold my bloody tongue. IDIOTS.


Obama, Romney hiding nothing.

I thank Thelma Grimes for something she said in her opinion piece: “..attacks are keep voters distracted” and then for printing two letters, the latest in a slew from both sides complaining about what candidates are hiding.

Obama and Romney are hiding trivial things compared to what is hidden in plain sight. The office they are both running for is too powerful and as demonstrated by the previous and current administrations, wielding this power to the detriment of every citizen’s rights.

Obama took Bush era policies of detention without trial a step further and now has the apparent ability to target and kill US citizens abroad, no indictment, trial or anything which any American would recognize as due process. When you make special cases for “enemies” that shared the same citizenship that we all do, no matter their crime, we are all at risk.

The ratification of other such powers in the NDAA 2012 signals radical intent for subsequent administrations.

It really doesn’t matter, red or blue, please, as Americans we need to realize that government, aided by executive branch special powers and secrecy is slowly closing the door on constitutional rights, American judicial values and setting frightening new precedents.

Squabbling over sealed college records or tax returns is almost meaningless.

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