Letter to the Explorer – Dec 22nd 2012

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Entrenched Fantasy

May our hearts and minds be with the victims in Connecticut, and with the victims of gun violence since, and before then.

But also spare a thought for the NRA and some of its members who on the 21st made themselves irrelevant to any meaningful debate on gun laws.

I know responsible gun owners exist. I’m calling on you to keep the NRA in check, drag them into the 21st century. Will we turn schools into militia hubs? what other soft targets should we militarize? how many “good guys” should there be? (evidence suggests armed security is little deterrent)

Americans value the 2nd amendment and cite not only the perfectly sane right to self defense, but some also the fantastical notion of “2nd amendment remedies”. One requires a pistol, the other apparently requires at least an M4 or AR15. This combat rifle will help you overthrow tyranny.

Newsflash: Too late. Executive branch(es), and Government of late, whom now ironically are called upon to expand their power and presence in our lives through armed guards everywhere, are exercising tyranny daily.

Don’t fall into the delusion that tyranny over “others” in the defense of your “safety” is not the same kind of tyranny that will make an example of you in the face of meaningful revolution.

Further irony, is the cheering of a war machine which would utterly obliterate a revolution on its home soil, a national security state which quite effectively quashes dissent and a sizable propaganda press that keeps the incurious in the dark.


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