Letter to Explorer Dec 29th 12

Greater Shared Responsibility

In response to Peggy Peters’ letter of Dec 26th.  I agree whole heartedly that another round of gun laws is an ineffectual approach to what happened in Newtown.

The assault weapons ban which expired in 2004 was largely useless as it focused on features which have little effect on the purpose of a rifle; the M4 variant used in Newtown would not have been illegal under the ban.

New gun laws are not up for discussion when the NRA wants to militarize every soft target this side of the equator, the mental health of gun owners and those who might have access to their firearms should be.

Direct responsibility of gun owners and non-owners alike needs to be fostered to encourage all people to take an active role in promoting mental health awareness. Perhaps a local shooting range, gun club or gun store could run a fund raiser for the local community for free counseling sessions. We cannot continue to blame the mental health care system, if those in need of help never make it into the office of a professional; that’s our shared responsibility.

The sad reality that needs to be recognized is that guns do attract the attention of frustrated and ill people. Gun owners, their friends, family, should defend their rights by presenting those that use their means of defense to potentially murder innocents, with a clear choice: you can get help, right here.


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