Letter to the Explorer 3-9-13

Climate Warming

Hopefully I can annoy a few more people by conjoining two phrases into one, obviously semantics indicate grand conspiracy. John Spitler asks what happened to global warming? Here’s what; decades of scientific study which I’m sure are wholly rebutted in the books he referenced.

Claiming that climate science is often based on a short window of time is one among a few credible misunderstandings and most not so credible arguments, counter to the scientific consensus on anthropogenic climate change which can be reviewed at skepticalscience.com.
I urge perusal of that site and by all means checking against Brian Sussman’s claims.

11,300 years, is that a long enough window ? in the long posit, rebuttal cycle of the evidence based scientific method, Scott Marcott of Oregon State U. has done some interesting work recently showing global temperatures peaking 9,500 years ago and the earth then cooling 0.7 degrees. Taking “8000 years to go from warm to cold” and then in the last 150 years gaining back that 0.7 degrees.

Brian and John think this is clearly an indication of some sort of green (or red?) global power grab aimed at American freedoms. Wake up. There are myriad (self inflicted) problems which are a threat to our current way of life, they are not conspiracies, they have no face or tribe to be demonized, stop looking for one.

We’re going to have to get to grips with living with more people and less of everything else in more extreme conditions. A painful truth, not a very comforting fairy tale in which blame can be placed.

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