God is in control

God please, save me from your followers.

The single scariest thing a Christian can say is “God is in control” .. especially in a discussion pertaining to climate change. “God will step in before it gets too warm”. Help me please. (These are actual phrases I have heard.)

Notions of a caretaker or nanny God have been destroyed beautifully by Sheldon Whitehouse’s senate speeches, citing passages from the bible no less. I don’t think though that this made it on to Fox News, why would it ? He’s a Democrat, talking for 20 minutes about something “conservative” Christians mostly detest vehemently; scientific study & measurable evidence. (Ed- well syndicated articles may have made it into Fox outlets ;))

He’s also talking about responsibility, usually something the right talks about others in society lacking in spadefuls. There are many environmentally tinged religious groups who get this message: to be caretakers of this Earth in the eyes of God means to actually pay attention when people, yes people (One of God’s greatest creations, apparently) people who train rigorously and engage in years of study, tell us something is very wrong.

What if your caretaker God, the one who’s going to step in before too much irreversible damage is done, is communicating with us through the hearts and minds of climate scientists ? Why is this an inconceivable notion ? you can believe in a God, but think he’d actually have to show up, or speak to you from the clouds for you to understand a message ? The parable of a man drowning at sea, waiting for God often comes to mind.

Religion might be a crutch of our infancy that tears us apart, if it’s followers are mere unthinking sheep who only believe someone else is in control or responsible.

I have to laugh that often those entrenched in religious dogma talk of freedom, especially when it’s threatened by government, in this case in the guise of attempting to control emissions via various means. It can’t be comprehended that adherence to a religion or ideology so steadfastly limits your intellectual freedom, even your spiritual freedom. Freedom is anathema to religion in my opinion.


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