Keep your bullshit subtle and be genuine.

I’m attempting to write about this without falling into a judgmental pitfall and without sounding like a friend that’s been misled even though that’s how I feel.

I’m pretty sick of people, namely what a lot of people would refer to as “liberals” railing against war in the mid-east for oil, decrying the climate situation, acknowledging energy decline while hating fracking with every fiber of their being and then buying a brand new SUV.

Ok, not people, although I’m sure many people have done a subset of those things, your friends, neighbors, coworkers, perhaps just one person but it is indicative of an overarching hypocritical mindset.

I know I act like buying a new car is a heinous sin, it’s not really (it’s shaded very much by one’s values and willingness to put up with varying degrees of DIY maintenance) but the choice of vehicle you purchase, one would think, would reflect one’s expressed opinions on geopolitics, environmentalism and energy. It’s the only possible avenue we have for forcing car manufacturers to build what we need, not what we think (or have been told) we want.

Sadly the other factors that play in are powerful, they overpower common sense, sense of agency with respect to problems you perceive or fears you have, in fact they play on another set of fears. “I need space”, “I need new”, “I need four large wheels and 12” of ground clearance”, “I need a GVW of at least 4,500lbs damn it!!!”

Every small choice you make, every single damn one, has external implications. It’s enough to drive anyone crazy which is why we give it only passing thought. We let others decide what we want, then stand back and look at the system we have and converse on how utterly broken it is.

“I hate being part of a multi billion dollar military presence in every corner of the world partly to help us ensure a stable oil market” well… use less oil.

“I understand oil is running out and that our domestic energy situation is not exactly a bright one” uh, well keep your transportation options small & efficient.

You can’t simultaneously express that “people don’t have a clue what’s coming” (in reference to energy decline) and then go from riding a Vespa to piloting a small tank. True story.

It’s time to commit, it’s time to understand that all the problems we rail against in the first world are of our own making and the choices we think are insignificant are the grains of sand that build up and contribute.

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