Posted to facebook March 10th 2016.

Shut up and listen. That’s a skill I wish we could teach everyone and they would take it seriously. Sitting and quietly listening and observing might be one of the most satisfying skills to master, it pays off sometimes with deep satisfaction, I am sure somebody who meditates could tell me a thing or two. I like many prefer to do my sitting and listening outside like I did when I got home from work today.

I was fortunate enough to be in “my happy place” as I recently dubbed it, where I am sitting as I type, my back yard. My yard sits next to a utility easement with high voltage lines. They attract Birds, lots of birds. Today I was lucky enough to get re-acquainted with what I think is a European Starling, you know the babbling warbling mimicking type. He’s still sitting up there about 35ft in the air, right now he thinks he’s a Gamble’s Quail, mixing it’s distinctive call into his mix of chirps, squeaks and coos. He ran the whole gamut, Grackle, Woodpecker, Phyrialoxia mixed with so much more diverse and interesting audio.

I sat and listened to what he had to tell me, in multiple languages I couldn’t comprehend. I sat and listened, looked up and sat and listened some more. He had a lot to say and I listened to every peak and trough, in 1 to 2 minute frenetic bursts, spaced by moments of silence where he looked around to see if anyone was listening.

I didn’t understand a thing but the physical act of quietly observing calmed me so much, I felt lucky to be able to listen, to have the chance, oh, he’s at it again… he won’t shut up. 😉

Slow down, stop and listen.


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