Reality and American Democracy.

They’ve never really been good bedfellows.

Its been a while since I’ve written anything here but I figure the convulsions our nation is experiencing pre and post November 8th warrant a bit of scrawl.

It struck me just recently how gullible Americans are, like really really gullible. Watching both the supporters of Barack Obama in 08/12 and now contrasting with Trump in 16. They both really wanted change, in my opinion we got some change from Obama and we’ll get some change from Trump, but these are tiny variations in a national trajectory that is dictated by cold hard reality.

Whatever in your opinion Dave is that cold hard reality ?

Climate change and Peak Oil, as usual. I’ve been fulminating at my very existence in these times and being “lucky” enough to be part of a generation that will experience the impact of these problems, whichever is more serious or sooner.

The curtain is not yet raised on how bad these problems are going to exacerbate our already crowded existence, but petulantly yearning for massive systemic change in their shadow every 4 years while ignoring their existence is going to make things very VERY much harder.

People don’t want these problems, we want jobs, endless growth and cheap TVs, one side might tacitly acknowledge their existence, but in reality the political will to deal with them is non-existent, especially if every 4 bloody years we change direction, or we get a congressional backlash.

Existential problems have outpaced our political system and our primitive tribal reasoning capabilities, this bitch is coming down, the only choice we really have is whether it comes down under a blue or red banner and exactly which of the many hundreds of problems we have in this country will cause the most blood.

The choice

Everybody wants to live in a fairy tale, the difference is how you get there. Is it by ignoring the warning signs and expert advice ?

Or is it by scaling back the fairy tale and making sure nobody gets left behind ?

Which world do you want to try to live in ?


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